Table Manners Social Skill Activity Worksheet

Table Manners Social Skill Activity Worksheet. Teaching table manners is important for children with autism as it helps them navigate social dining situations. Here’s an activity designed to help them learn and practice table manners:

Download Table Manners Social Skill Activity Worksheet PDF

Activity Title:

“Mindful Meals: Practicing Table Manners”


To help the child with autism understand and practice appropriate table manners, making meal times more enjoyable and socially engaging.

Skills Targeted:

  • Using Utensils Appropriately: Practicing proper use of forks, spoons, and knives.
  • Speaking Politely: Learning to talk with an empty mouth and listening while others speak.
  • Understanding Social Expectations: Recognizing the social rules associated with dining.
  • Patience and Turn-Taking: Waiting patiently for their turn to serve or speak.