Free Autism Games

Free Autism Learning Games

Free Autism Educational & Learning Games Online. Free Autism Games for Childrens and Adult. These learning games helps to develop cognitive and social skills. Parents, teachers and therapists often use games to work with the children with autism. The importance of play in any child’s life helps develop motor skills, cognitive development and enables one’s ability to socialize. Engaging kids with autism in games is beneficial for the development of several skills. The following  games are a free online games to help autistic children and adult to develop skills.

Alphabet Letter Writing Games

Writing Alaphbet Game

Interactive way to learn how to write and trace alphabet letter A to Z G

Number Writing Games

Number Writing Game

This interative games helps you to learn how to write number 1 to 10.

Animal Coloring Game

Animal Coloring Game 

This is the fun game of coloring animal.
Joining Halves Game

Joining Halves Game

Join variety of pictures to match

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Matching Shadow

Mathcing Shadow Game

Shadow Matching

Mathc the shadows of animal pictures

Finding Missing Letter Game

Finding Missing Letter

In this interactive game, you need find missing letters.

Match Missing Pieces Puzzle Game

Match Missing Pieces

Match missing pieces online puzzle game. .

Online Coloring Book

Online Coloring Game

Interactive online coloring game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Interactive Online Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Word Matching Game

Match the words with corresponding picture.