Start an Autism Self-Help Group in your city today!

Join our mission in creating a world where every individual on the autism spectrum has access to support, understanding, and community. Start an Autism Self-Help Group in your city today!

Our initiative enables passionate individuals like you to lead and nurture an Autism Self-Help Community in your own city. This is more than just a support group; it’s a platform for learning, sharing, and growing together.

Community Building


Provide a virtual safe space for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families to share experiences and support each other.


Facilitate learning opportunities through virtual workshops and meetings, led by you or members.

Community Building

Strengthen your local autism community by connecting individuals and families.

How We Support


Access to our easy-to-use platform for scheduling and hosting virtual meetings.


Comprehensive guidebooks and materials to help you manage and grow your group.


Connect with other group leaders to share ideas and best practices.

Charge Fee

Sustainability Model

You have the option to charge a nominal fee for participating in virtual meet-ups. This small contribution helps sustain the group activities and covers technological costs, making your group self-sufficient and community-supported