The Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ): development and validation of a new sensory questionnaire for adults with and without autism. The Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ)-Short measures sensory sensitivity on the factors vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

1. I would be able to distinguish different people by their smell.

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2. I would be able to taste the difference between two brands of salty potato chips/crisps.

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3. I can hear electricity humming in the walls.

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4. I would be able to notice a tiny change (for example, 1 degree) in the temperature of the weather.

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5. I would be able to taste the difference between apparently identical pieces of candy.

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6. I would be able to tell the weight difference between two different coin sizes on the palm of my hand, if my eyes were closed.

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7. I would be able to smell the smallest gas leak from anywhere in the house.

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8. I would be the first to hear if there was a fly in the room.

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9. If I look at a pile of blue sweaters in a shop that are meant to be identical, I would be able to see differences between them.

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10. I can see dust particles in the air in most environments.

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