1. Q1. Do you like to arrange items in rows or patterns?

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2. Q2. Do you repetitively fiddle with items? (e.g. spin, twiddle, bang, tap, twist, or flick anything repeatedly?)

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3. Q3. Do you like to spin yourself around and around?

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4. Q4. Do you rock backwards and forwards, or side to side, either when sitting or when standing?

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5. Q5. Do you pace or move around repetitively (e.g. walk to and fro across a room, or around the same path in the garden?)

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6. Q6. Do you make repetitive hand and/or finger movements? (e.g. flap, wave, or flick your hands or fingers repetitively?)

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7. Q7. Do you have a fascination with specific objects (e.g. trains, road signs, or other things?)

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8. Q8. Do you like to look at objects from particular or unusual angles?

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9. Q9. Do you have a special interest in the smell of people or objects?

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10. Q10. Do you have a special interest in the feel of different surfaces?

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11. Q11. Do you have any special objects you like to carry around?

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12. Q12. Do you collect or hoard items of any sort?

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13. Q13. Do you insist on things at home remaining the same? (e.g. furniture staying in the same place, things being kept in certain places, or arranged in certain ways?)

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14. Q14. Do you get upset about minor changes to objects (e.g. flecks of dirt on your clothes, minor scratches on objects?)

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15. Q15. Do you insist that aspects of daily routine must remain the same?

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16. Q16. Do you insist on doing things in a certain way or re-doing things until they ‘‘just right’’?

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17. Q17. Do you play the same music, game or video, or read the same book repeatedly?

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18. Q18. Do you insist on wearing the same clothes or refuse to wear new clothes?

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19. Q19. Do you insist on eating the same foods, or a very small range of foods, at every meal?

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20. Q20. What sort of activity will you choose if you are left to occupy yourself?

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