Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale ASRS-v1.1

Online ADHD Tests for Adults

The ADHD Symptom Checklist is an instrument consisting of the eighteen DSM-IV-TR criteria. Six of the eighteen questions were found to be the most predictive of symptoms consistent with ADHD. The patient need to complete both Part A and Part B of the Symptom Checklist by marking an X in the box that most closely represents the frequency of occurrence of each of the symptoms.


Part A.

If four or more marks appear in the darkly shaded boxes within Part A then the patient has symptoms highly consistent with ADHD in adults and further diagnosis needed.

Part B

The frequency scores on Part B provide additional cues and can serve as further probes into the patient’s symptoms, No total score or diagnostic likelihood is utilized for the twelve questions in Part B.

Download ADHD Symptoms Checklist Adult ASRS111 PDF

Following is the Online ADHD Tests for Adults – ASRS-v1.1

Online ADHD Tests for Adults

1. How often do you have trouble wrapping up the final details of a project,
once the challenging parts have been done?

Question 1 of 18

2. 2. How often do you have difficulty getting things in order when you have to do
a task that requires organization?

Question 2 of 18

3. 3. How often do you have problems remembering appointments or obligations?

Question 3 of 18

4. 4.When you have a task that requires a lot of thought, how often do you avoid
or delay getting started?

Question 4 of 18

5. 5.. How often do you fidget or squirm with your hands or feet when you have
to sit down for a long time?

Question 5 of 18

6. 6. How often do you feel overly active and compelled to do things, like you
were driven by a motor?

Question 6 of 18

7. How often do you make careless mistakes when you have to work on a boring or
difficult project?

Question 7 of 18

8. 8. How often do you have difficulty keeping your attention when you are doing boring
or repetitive work?

Question 8 of 18

9. 9. How often do you have difficulty concentrating on what people say to you,
even when they are speaking to you directly?

Question 9 of 18

10. 10. How often do you misplace or have difficulty finding things at home or at work?

Question 10 of 18

11. 11. How often are you distracted by activity or noise around you?

Question 11 of 18

12. 12. How often do you leave your seat in meetings or other situations in which
you are expected to remain seated?

Question 12 of 18

13. 13. How often do you feel restless or fidgety?

Question 13 of 18

14. 14. How often do you have difficulty unwinding and relaxing when you have time
to yourself?

Question 14 of 18

15. 15. How often do you find yourself talking too much when you are in social situations?

Question 15 of 18

16. 16. When you’re in a conversation, how often do you find yourself finishing
the sentences of the people you are talking to, before they can finish
them themselves?

Question 16 of 18

17. 17. How often do you have difficulty waiting your turn in situations when
turn taking is required?

Question 17 of 18

18. 18 . How often do you interrupt others when they are busy?

Question 18 of 18


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