Initiating Conversations Social Skill Activity Worksheet

Initiating Conversations Social Skill Activity Worksheet. Developing friendship skills, particularly initiating and maintaining conversations, is essential for children with autism. This activity is designed to be a practical and enjoyable way for children with autism to practice essential conversation skills necessary for developing and maintaining friendships.


Download Initiating Conversation Social Skills Activity PDF

Activity Title:

“Friendship Chat: Practicing Conversation Skills”


To help the child with autism practice initiating conversations and maintaining them in the context of building friendships.

Skills Targeted:

  • Initiating Conversations: Using prompts to start talking to someone.
  • Maintaining Conversations: Continuing the dialogue with questions and related comments.
  • Listening Skills: Paying attention to what the other person says.
  • Reciprocal Interaction: Engaging in a back-and-forth exchange in conversation.