Free Depression Self Evaluation Quiz or Test

Free 20-question self-rated depression evaluation quiz with a scoring key and result interpretation. Please note that this quiz is for general informational purposes and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Scoring Key:

  • 0-9: Minimal or no signs of depression.
  • 10-14: Mild depression.
  • 15-19: Moderately severe depression.
  • 20-30: Severe depression.
  • 30-60: Very severe depression.

Results Interpretation:

  • Minimal or No Depression (0-9): Your responses suggest minimal or no signs of depression. It’s important to continue monitoring your emotional well-being and seek help if your mood changes.
  • Mild Depression (10-14): Your responses suggest mild depression. Consider speaking with a healthcare provider to explore your feelings further and discuss potential strategies for improvement.
  • Moderately Severe Depression (15-19): Your responses suggest a moderately severe level of depression. It’s advised to seek professional help to evaluate your symptoms and discuss appropriate treatment options.
  • Severe (20-30) to Very Severe Depression (30-60): Your responses indicate a severe to very severe level of depression. It’s important to seek immediate professional help.

Depression Evaluation Quiz

1. Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless.

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2. Little interest or pleasure in doing things.

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3. Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much.

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4. Feeling tired or having little energy.

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5. Poor appetite or overeating.

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6. Feeling bad about yourself — or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down.

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7. Trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching television.

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8. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed. Or the opposite — being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual.

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9. Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way.

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10. Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge.

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11. Not being able to stop or control worrying.

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12. Worrying too much about different things.

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13. Becoming easily annoyed or irritable.

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14. Feeling afraid as if something awful might happen.

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15. Loss of interest in sex.

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16. Withdrawing from friends and activities.

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17. Difficulty making decisions.

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18. Crying spells or feeling like crying for no apparent reason.

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19. Feeling isolated or detached from others.

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20. Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with stress.

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