Common signs of Autism in Toddlers Age 2 and 3

What are the common signs of Autism is toddlers age 2 and 3? Some common signs of autism in toddlers include difficulty with social interactions, difficulty with communication, repetitive behaviors, and a lack of interest in activities that most children enjoy. Some specific signs to look for in toddlers include:

  • Not responding to their name
  • Not making eye contact
  • Not pointing or waving to show interest in something
  • Not imitating others’ actions or words
  • Not engaging in pretend play
  • Repeating the same movements or words over and over
  • Having trouble adapting to changes in routine
  • Having difficulty with transitions
  • Becoming extremely upset by minor changes
  • Having unusually strong reactions to certain sounds, textures, or other sensory experiences

Accurate diagnosis of autism requires a thorough evaluation by a qualified healthcare professional, such as a pediatrician or developmental pediatrician. They will be able to provide guidance on next steps and refer you to appropriate resources and services if needed. It is not recommended to rely  on online tests or self-diagnosis for autism or any other medical condition.

Here is the link for Online Autism Test
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